ZooMonitor Overview

ZooMonitor is a web application developed by Lincoln Park Zoo to record and visualize animal behavior data. When developing ZooMonitor, our goal was to make it easy for experts and non-experts alike to be able to easily collect data that will inform animal management decisions and evaluate their impact on animal welfare. Initiating a systematic behavioral monitoring program using ZooMonitor can help uncover additional behavior insights that may have gone unnoticed through casual observation and promote data-driven management decisions. Funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant and the Rice Foundation, ZooMonitor is freely available for accredited zoos, museums, and sanctuaries, and available at low-cost to non-accredited institutions. As ZooMonitor is a web app and runs in a web browser, it is compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android platforms and can be used on both a computer and tablet device.

Illustrations by Storyset