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Discover a new way to collect behavioral data that equips you with the knowledge to make effective decisions for animals.

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  • What Is It?

  • ZooMonitor is an app developed by Lincoln Park Zoo that allows you to record animal behavioral data, visualize the information, and export the data for analysis. When designing ZooMonitor, our goal was to make it easy for experts and non-experts alike to collect data that will aid in making and evaluating management decisions that impact animal welfare.

  • ZooMonitor was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services MG-30-14-0045-14, and is free to download for qualifying institutions.

Works Across Multiple Devices

Because ZooMonitor is a web app, it can be used on desktops or tablets across various platforms.

Fully Customizable

We give you plenty of options to customize projects so that you can tailor them to your institution's unique needs.

Built-in Analysis Tools

Not ready for a full-blown analysis? We provide you with graphs that reveal patterns from your data right away.

How It Works


Register & Download the App

Complete the registration form for a license key. The first time you sign in, the ZooMonitor web app will download to your browser cache, allowing you to use the application within that browser.


Configure Account

Add users, species, and individual animals to your account so they're available for the projects that you will create. Although the web app works across devices, this is most easily accomplished on a desktop.


Create Projects & Record Data

After you create a project, head to the exhibit and begin a session of behavior recording using the web app on a tablet or mobile device.


Export Your Data for Analysis

After you've collected data, you can view analysis graphs right in ZooMonitor for a quick look or export data for more in-depth manual analysis.

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