Frequently Asked Questions

What types of devices does ZooMonitor support?

ZooMonitor is a web app and was designed for use with any tablet device or computer that supports the Safari or Chrome web browsers, including iOS, Android, and Windows devices. At this time, Firefox and Internet Explorer are not supported.

Does ZooMonitor work offline?

Yes, you can record data offline, then upload it to the ZooMonitor server when you have wifi access. All project settings are stored in the browser’s cache on your device, which allow you to access your projects offline.

How many projects can I create in ZooMonitor?

There is no specified limit to the number of projects you can create. However, as pricing is based on storage space used, the number of projects will impact which pricing plan you need. The storage space for the regular plan (i.e. < 300 MB) should allow approximately X number of projects.

Who has access to our institution’s data?

Outside of the ZooMonitor administrators at your facility, only Zier Niemann Consulting, the ZooMonitor web site managers, are able to view your raw data. Zier Niemann Consulting will not open your data unless you make a direct request, such as for the purposes of troubleshooting a problem. Zier Niemann Consulting will not export data for anyone, including ourselves or a client. Clients can export their own data from the admin console.

If you agreed to anonymous data collection, Zier Niemann Consulting will pull statistical information from your database about program usage such as number of users and studies. This data will be combined with anonymous data from other institutions and used for statistical analysis only.

Is the data encrypted?

Data is not encrypted on the server, but the site has a security certificate to protect traffic.

Where is the data stored?

Each client has their own private partition on the ZooMonitor cloud server where all of their data is stored.

Is our data backed up?

Yes – daily. It is stored off-line three times a week.

How long will my data be available in the cloud?

After one year of inactivity on an account, we will send an email alert, warning that the account will be deactivated. After another six months, the account will be removed.

What happens to my data after it is exported?

Nothing, all data is safely stored on the ZooMonitor server and is not altered when you export data.

Can I pause an observation?

No, once an observation has begun it cannot be paused.

Can I edit or delete an observation after is has been uploaded?

No, once your data has been uploaded to the ZooMonitor server it cannot be edited or deleted.

If I made a mistake recording data, can I edit the observation before uploading the data?

Before uploading the observation, you can modify any Additional Questions fields you’ve created by clicking the Edit button on the Project Summary page. However, any behavior data you recorded cannot be changed after the observation has ended. If you made a mistake, we recommend adding a note to the observation before uploading, that you can then view in the exported data.

How do I save changes I made to a project configuration?

Whether you are creating a new projects or editing an existing one, most of the changes you make are automatically saved.

However, in a few cases you will need to select the Save button after making changes:

  • 1) Any changes made on the Project Settings tab
  • 2) Changing the grid size on the interval space use channel
  • 3) Changing behavior details (e.g. description, modifiers, or sub-grouping)
How do I cite ZooMonitor?

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